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Fansmetric's Onlyfans dashboard

Our platform gives you the tools to grow your fanbase and maximise your earnings.

Onlyfans analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Understand how you are performing across a range of critical metrics.
Onlyfans extensions

OF Superpowers Extension

Earn more & save time while chatting, with on-page chat analytics.
Smart Fan Lists for Onlyfans

Smart Automations

Enhance your workflow by automating tedious tasks such as creating fan lists.
Onlyfans analytics tools


Professional OnlyFans Analytics Tools

Understand your earnings, identify weaknesses and discover opportunities, all in an easy-to-use analytics suite.
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    Revenue Metrics
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    Advanced Analytics (LTV, ARPU, Cohorts)
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    Analyze Many Accounts at Once in Aggregate Reports

OnlyFans Superpowers

Earn more and waste less time while chatting.
  • Upgraded Chats List
  • Emoji Menu & Scripts
  • Fan Insights & CRM
  • Expired Fan Autofollower
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Onlyfans stats, PPV, and autofollower dashboard

Earn more on OnlyFans
by making data-driven
decisions with confidence.

Finally, you can get the data you need to uncover growth opportunities, discover trends, and gain powerful insight into your earnings.

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Discover trends

View patterns in fan behaviour, understand what makes them tick.

Find growth opportunities

Easily find, and take action on hidden opportunities.

Monitor your page

Understand the health and wellbeing of your pages at a glance.
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  • Powerful Analytics Dashboard
  • OnlyFans Superpowers Chrome Extension
  • Smart Fan Lists
  • Unlimited Teams & User Logins (for agencies / managers)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my data safe with FansMetric?

Your privacy and safety as a creator is our top priority. FansMetric utilises secure encryption, so your earnings data remains safe and accessible by you only. We never access any of your private content.

What setup is required?

We know you're busy. Our online platform links seamlessly and securely to your OnlyFans account through our verified Google Chrome Extension, to immediately start tracking revenue metrics.

Is this suitable for agencies & managers?

Yes, FansMetric has been built from the ground up to support agencies & managers who wish to manage multiple OnlyFans accounts across multiple teams, with unlimited team member logins. Linked OnlyFans accounts can be moved between teams, and analytics can be viewed on a single account basis, or multiple accounts selected and aggregated together.

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