The Top 4 Tools Every OnlyFans Creator Should Use

Enhance your content and strategy with these apps and services.

1. FansMetric

We’ve built FansMetric to be the ultimate tool for OnlyFans creators, to help them grow their fanbase and maximise their earnings.

We provide you access to a complete range of metrics to help you understand your revenue, identify weaknesses and discover opportunities, all in an easy-to-use analytics suite.


Linktree provides you with an easy way to put all of your links in one place.

The key benefit for OnlyFans creators is that a link to your Linktree screen is far less likely to be flagged and removed by social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Linktree also allows for tracking of your referrals, giving creators the ability to understand where their traffic is coming from. The pro version, priced at $6 per month, provides users with improved analytics and greater customisation options.

Alternatives to Linktree include AllMyLinks, EZBiolink &

3. Facetune2

Type: Selfie Editor / Photo correction

Facetune is available on iOS and Android Facetune allows users to edit, enhance and retouch photos.Facetune can help OnlyFans creators by providing easy tools to touch up and enhance your photos, hide imperfections and upgrade your makeup.

Alternatives to Facetune include Everlook, Perfect365, AirBrush, BodyTune & Facelab

4. Colourtone

Type: Photo filters

Colourtone is a filter app for photos + videos, allowing users to make adjustments to their skin tone, improve the vibrancy and make colours stand out.

Alternatives to Colourtone include VSCO