How to Grow Your OnlyFans in 2024

A fact-based guide to increasing revenue and growth for OnlyFans creators.

Countless videos and articles aim to help aspiring and established creators earn more money using the OnlyFans platform.

However, too many of these articles try to explain weird tricks, without getting to the core of what makes 1% of OnlyFans creators succeed while others fail.

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So what makes the 1% of creators succeed?

Success on OnlyFans can be boiled down to understanding and improving three key metrics.

The purpose of this article is to help creators understand these three key metrics, to maximize earning potential, by bringing a fact-based approach to your OnlyFans strategy.

These three metrics are:

  • Daily New Subscriptions
  • Average Revenue Per Subscriber
  • Subscriber Churn

1. Daily New Subscriptions

Starting simple, your daily new subscriptions is the number of new subscribers you gain per day, who have not previously subscribed to your OnlyFans.

This can also be measured on a weekly, or monthly basis. For new OnlyFans Creators, daily new subscriptions will be the most important metric for getting your page off the ground and earning income.

This metric effectively summarizes the results of all your marketing efforts and allows you to understand the effectiveness of your promotional strategies.

Strategies to Increase Daily New Subscriptions:

So how do you increase daily new subscriptions? Increasing daily new subscriptions comes down to two factors:

  • Effective promotion and marketing
  • An optimized OnlyFans page
  • Subscriber Churn

A profile that converts every single new viewer to a subscriber is useless without consistent, disciplined strategies to drive traffic to your OnlyFans page.

Similarly, you can have all the traffic in the world, but a vague or unappealing profile will not allow you to reap the benefits of your marketing.

How to effectively promote your OnlyFans page:

Promoting your Onlyfans is all about precise targeting, a multi-channel approach and consistency.

For creators with an existing following

Regularly promoting on your existing social media platforms is the best way to get started promoting your OnlyFans, as you already have an audience who are receptive to your personal brand. Linking to your profile in your bios, as well as within story posts are the easiest way to drive traffic from your social media platforms.

You should be careful however about linking directly to your OnlyFans profile, as Instagram and Snapchat have been known to ban users for these links. We talk more about using link aggregators to overcome this issue here. Another benefit of using link aggregators is that a premium account can allow creators to view the sources of traffic to their pages, to better understand the sources of their signups.

For those without a following

It is crucial that you carefully pick and study a niche in which you will occupy.

Niches are smaller areas of a market where you can target a specific type of audience. By targeting a niche based on your style of content and personal preferences, you will be able to concentrate your promotion efforts and maximize your success, even with only a few key marketing channels.

Websites like Reddit and Twitter are an ideal choice for new creators. Reddit and Twitter are home to various subcommunities of creators in specialized niches. These are divided up on Reddit as subreddits, but Twitter may require some more research to find similar creators to your desired niche.

Once you have found niche communities that suit your content, it is up to you to post regularly and engage with the community, to gain awareness and a following.

How to optimise your OnlyFans profile:

Once you have marketed and driven traffic to your OnlyFans, your next step is to optimize your profile and feed to drive conversions from page views to subscriptions.

Creating a high-conversion OnlyFans profile is all about building excitement and trust.

Viewers need to be excited about what your content might look like, and know that they can trust you to deliver that excitement.

Your profile and header should give a clear indication of your style of content, as well as have viewers confident that it is your genuine profile they are viewing. The key is to leave more to be desired.

Picking a recognisable username and display name

This is also important in clearly identifying yourself.

About me

This section should be clear enough for people to know what they’re subscribing for, but cryptic/mysterious enough to make them curious and excited. Your page should indicate an engaged fanbase and regularly posted content that matches what they are looking for.

Hiding your subscriber count

This is recommended for most creators, but especially in the early stages when they are still building their fanbase, as many potential subscribers will be discouraged from following a page with only a handful of subscribers.

Keeping the text of your posts public

Keeping the text of your posts public is often beneficial, as it gives the people viewing your page a solid idea of what type of content they can expect to see, as well as how regularly you post.

2. Earnings Per Fan

Earnings Per Fan can be calculated as your earnings, divided by the number of subscribers, and can be effectively measured on a monthly or weekly basis.

For those creators who utilize a freemium model, of having a free or low-cost subscription to attract subscribers, paired with upsells such as PPV, this will be the single most important metric in driving your revenue.

Strategies to Increase Average Revenue Per Subscriber:

If your earnings are concentrated in a single stream of your monthly subscription revenue, effectively utilizing the OnlyFans features of Tips, pay-per-view (PPV) posts, messages, referrals and streams can dramatically increase your revenue per subscriber.

Pay-per-view messages

Provide an effective way for you to gain additional revenue from your best content, by only allowing subscribers to view these posts after paying an additional fee.

It is a good idea to use PPV messages on a less frequent basis than your regular posts, to not overwhelm and discourage your subscribers.

One strategy for PPV messages is to post teasers or otherwise limited content on your main feed and release an entire video or album of images as PPV.

To get the most out of your PPV posts, it is a good idea to keep track of which users are regularly opening your PPV content, and write custom messages, or create personalized content for those top fans who are most engaged.

It is important to be open and honest as to what each PPV message contains, as to avoid deceiving or disappointing fans.

Encouraging tips

Encouraging tips is another important stream of revenue.

3. Fan Retention

Fan retention is the number or percentage of subscribers that continue their subscription. Maximizing fan retention is the most important goal for established creators, as this greatly reduces the need to find new subscribers.

By maximising fan retention and maximizing revenue per subscriber, you will be able to maximize the value of each new subscriber you gain.

Strategies to increase fan retention:

Reducing fan retention is all about keeping your fanbase engaged.

Regularly uploading content

Uploading content is a must for any creator seeking to maintain their fanbase. No matter how much they like your content, most subscribers are unwilling to continue their subscription if they feel they aren't getting their money's worth. Aiming to post every day, or multiple times a day is a worthwhile goal for creators new to the platform.

Due to the often time-consuming nature of creating content, we recommend to some creators that they plan out one or two days of their week to shoot photos or videos and then schedule their week's posts ahead of time. OnlyFan's post scheduling feature allows creators to save time and keep to a regular release schedule.

Keeping content fresh and interesting

Allowing your content to be fresh and interesting is the a challenge creators face, but this will encourage your fans ability to stay.

Keeping a variety of running themes

Keeping a variety of running themes within your content over time, but with variation within these themes, is a good way to keep your content fresh without straying too far from your audience's preferences.

Utilizing polls

Polls are an effective way to gauge what kind of content your fanbase would most like to see. By pinning a poll to your OnlyFans page every month, with various options for content types, you take the guesswork out of your content creation. You should also make it clear that if they have any other requests which are not on the poll, to message you and ask directly.

Fan engagement

Fan engagement is the #1 way to keep your followers interested and feeling like they are a part of a community. Regular private engagement, no matter the length of conversation will go a long way to increasing a fan's likelihood to resubscribe.

For those with large fanbases, regular engagement and conversation with all of your subscribers may be an impossible task. By focusing on those top fans who are the most engaged with and most appreciate your content, you will be able to focus your efforts on those who are the most valuable to you.

Similarly, focus on those users who are approaching the end of their subscription period will be more directly valuable than focus on those who have just renewed their subscription.

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